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Are these animal derived ingredients hiding in your cosmetics?

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Do you read makeup labels, did you know that your perfect bright lipstick could be made of crushed beetles? 

Animal-derived ingredients below are mainly used in mainstream cosmetics.

Carmine- used to get a bright red color in lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows. Carmine is made by boiling and crushing the female beetles.

Lanolin- Derived from oil glands of sheep.

Shark Squalene- derived from shark's liver. 

Gelatin- Protein of animals obtained by boiling animal skin, bones, mainly derived from pigs and cows. 

Beeswax- Wax derived by melting the honeybee comb. 

Lanolin- A waxy substance that coats a sheep's wool.

Retinol/ Retinyl Palmitate- Derived from animals and linked to developmental issues, tumors and cancer. May cause harm to the fetus if used during pregnancy. 

Collagen-  Derived from animal tissue.

Silk powder- Derived from the secretion of silkworms.

Boar bristles-  Hair of wild hogs. 

Angora hair- Hair of the Angora rabbit or goats. 

Cera Flav- Also known as beeswax

Guanine- Obtained from the scales of fish.


Here at Shimmer Me Gorgeous, we do not use any animal derived ingredients. All of our products are vegan & cruelty-free PETA certified. 

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