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  1. We're on a mission to help provide clean water around the world while making high-performance clean beauty products. Water is scarce for 1.8+ million people around the world. This is not cool!!

    The harsh reality is women, men, and children around the world have to walk many miles a day just to access water. Unfortunately, the water isn't always clean and is linked to many diseases.

    We donate a portion of proceeds from our profits to the Charity Water organization.

    Every time you purchase from Shimmer Me Gorgeous, you help:

    • Provide clean water around the world
    • Help children go to school! Because children get access to clean water through Charity Water's initiatives, they are able to go to school rather than walk many miles a day to access water
    • You help men and women be able to provide for their families and not worry about their water being contaminated with disease-prone germs
    • Raise awareness
    • Be part of a global movement

    For additional information on the Charity Water Organization, visit-

  2. We are also working on reducing our ecological footprint by reducing unnecessary packaging.

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